First There Was Riggs, Then Glarum, Now Duke and McLean.

When Florida’s Forth District Court of Appeals rules according to established law, rules of evidence, and statute in a way that is unfavorable to fraudclosing banks and their mill lawyers, the lawyers simply ask the judges in the 4th to change or clarify their opinion.

Happened with Riggs (Riggs 1 here and Riggs 2 here — see complete 180 degree change)

Happened with Glarum (Glarum 1 here and Glarum 2 here – see footnotes per bank request)

Now, both Duke (docket here) & McLean (docket here) are about to be amended as per mill lawyer requests.


12/07/2011 Motion For Rehearing Enrico G. Gonzalez , Appellee T –


01/04/2012 Motion For Clarification Heidi J. Weinzetl , Appellee T – 1/14


Let this court and these judges (who are up for re-election every six years) know we are all watching!

The Fourth District Court of Appeal
1525 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401-2399
Telephone: (561) 242-2000.



Shapiro Fishman request for “clarification” in McLean

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