More on Corruption in the Florida Attorney General’s Office: Staff Intervenes to Help Lender Processing Services When it is the Target of a Fraud Investigation

As hedge fund manager David Einhorn (known best for his public skepticism of Lehman’s accounting) apparently says regarding situations that don’t pass the smell test, “No matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse.”

Abigail Field’s post on how the Florida attorney general’s office befriends foreclosure fraudsters is an important, if nausea-inducing read. One of the striking sections that makes the extent of the corruption clear is a snippet toward the end. It show how the AG’s office acted to help Lender Processing Services do damage control, when it had LPS under investigation for foreclosure frauds.

Field points out that the investigation of LPS was launched under the previous AG, Bill McCollum, and is supposedly still active:

Yves’ conclusion on the rest of the post…

Now with this context, do you have ANY doubt as to what Richard Lawson meant when he told Clarkson and Edwards that he wanted them to handle their investigations “with great sensitivity”? The message was to at most go through the motions but not ruffle any feathers.

Be sure to check out the post in its entirety here…