Occupy Atlanta and HGEC Strike a Win for the 99%

This is how it’s done People!


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After helping prevent the foreclosure of an Iraq War veteran’s Clayton County home, Occupy Atlanta has focused its efforts by occupying the Higher Ground Empowerment Center, an historic church in Vine City that could soon be foreclosed on by BB&T. The group sends word about its latest initiative.



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Tim Franzen 404-414-5521

It was just six days ago the Pastor Dexter Johnson of Higher Ground Empowerment Center (HGEC) reached out to Occupy Atlanta in the 11th hour of the congregation’s fight to stay in the 108 year old Vine City Church. Late Wednesday(1/11/12) Occupy Atlanta rolled out tents and within 12 hours BB&T retreated from their attempt to evict the church.

After several hours of negotiations with between BB&T Bank, Occupy Atlanta, HGEC, and Joe Beasly with Rainbow PUSH, we have a deal that HGEC can more than live with. HGEC is going nowhere, not only did they get their deed to the land back, they have been given back the nine lots surrounding the Church for development, and a commitment from BB&T to meet again, with in 30 days, to discuss ways they can justly invest in the Vine City Community.

Today is a victory for HGEC, Occupy Atlanta, Vine City, and all the 99%. This victory was facilitated not by experts but by everyday folks working together to fight for their communities.

A big thanks to BB&T Bank for doing the right thing, and a big thanks to Rebuilding The Dream for facilitating a dynamic national petition drive to save the 108 year old Church! “Today was a triumph for Higher Ground! Thank God for Occupy Atlanta, Thank God for Brother Joe Beasly”, said HGEC Pastor Dexter Johnson.

Occupy Atlanta and HGEC will be holding a press conference at 4:30pm today at 561 spencer st, to make joint statements. This win is the beginning of turning a corner for Atlanta’s most under-served community, Vine City.