Our Morally Bankrupt Government, Justice Part II: Defending the Rule of Law

My last post detailed how the Justice Department abandoned the principle of equality before the law in its Financial Meltdown enforcement efforts. This post focuses on Justice’s efforts–and lack thereof–to defend our legal system and the rule of law it relies on.

The Buck Stops with Holder and Obama

A couple of housekeeping notes, repeated from part 1: Many at Justice and in the FBI are ethical and moral people who try very hard to do right by the American people. So even though I use the word “Justice” as in Justice Department throughout, my critique does not apply to the people below the very top. Fundamentally only Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama are responsible our Department of Justice’s enforcement priorities.

Attorney General Holder runs the show, but President Obama gave him the job, and can fire him at any time. Holder’s enforcement priorities and strategies therefore must reflect Obama’s priorities. I realize that’s a very formal take, but it’s the only defensible one. I don’t care how much who knew about what, how decisions are or were in fact made, or any other framing or excusing of AG Holder & President Obama’s responsibility for our criminal justice priorities. In our democracy the only political control We, the People have on our national criminal enforcement priorities is our vote for President. And an incumbent President’s strongest advertisement of his enforcement priorities is his Attorney General and his record. The buck stops with them, period.

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