Consequential Monday Foreclosure Fraud Meeting Less than Consequential

One thing missing from all the stories about this alleged key foreclosure fraud meeting in Chicago on Monday were confirmations from the state AGs, particularly the ones who have been resistant to a settlement, that they would attend. So I did some calling around. And I could not find one state Attorney General committed to attending this meeting. Not only that, some weren’t even sure they would send staff. This has the feel of a snow job, with HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and Iowa AG Tom Miller and his counterparts trying to sell a narrative in public about an imminent solution, around the time of the State of the Union address, when the reality is much different.

The office of Eric Schneiderman would not commit to attending the Monday meeting, for example, though they didn’t rule it out either. They simply didn’t really have a plan for moving forward yet. And other AG offices were similarly skeptical. “I don’t think we’re going,” said one office. “Why spend the money on staff to fly out there when the terms of the deal are at best speculative?” Others believed that mostly staff would be involved in the meeting, not the AGs themselves. The sources were able to speak more freely off the record.

That’s a far cry from how this was hyped in the media. It was carefully circumscribed, with the idea that the AGs “are being invited” to meet with Donovan and a Justice Department official. No attendance was ever confirmed, and now we know why.

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