“They should have said, ‘We were totally wrong, we have to do what we need to do to stop this foreclosure and do what we need to do to correct this’”


East Pennsboro Township woman nearly loses her home over error made by Citimortgage

Citimortgage received a $20 billion government bailout on grounds it’s “too big to fail.”

Fortunately, Citi isn’t too big to admit a mistake — although not fast enough to impress Myrna Hoke, whose daughter nearly lost her East Pennsboro Twp. home over an error by Citi.

“It’s been unbelievably stressful,” said Hoke, 65, who spent months untangling the situation and sweated until minutes before a planned Jan. 4 sheriff’s sale.

Hoke’s daughter, Christina May, went through a divorce and bankruptcy several years ago, and Hoke and her husband took over the $880 monthly mortgage.

In 2010, Citi mistakenly applied mortgage payments to bankruptcy-related legal costs that had already been paid and declared the mortgage in default over missed payments.

Hoke didn’t know anything was amiss until a foreclosure noticed arrived in late 2010.

She spent months figuring out what went wrong, proving the mistake to Citi, and fending off sheriff’s sale of the house where her daughter and three grandchildren have lived for 11 years.

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