11 Most Evil Things the Banking Industry Did in 2011

It seems like every time we flipped on the news in 2011, the banking industry was finding a new way to blur the line between good business and reprehensible tyranny. Hardworking people, including war veterans, were kicked out of their homes illegally. Entire neighborhoods of vacant houses were destroyed. Meticulously orchestrated overdraft schemes ripped off consumers for billions. Federal crimes went unpunished.

Though publicists, spokesmen and spin doctors will ensure that many of 2011’s most damning financial headlines are swept into the dustbin of history, for countless Americans the story never ends. Because of one accounting error, or one forged signature, some of them will be forced to endure a financial nightmare for the rest of their lives. Their homes won’t be returned to them. Their credit scores won’t be rebuilt.

The industry will make it easy to forget the past. There will be new credit card offers, new reports showing growth in the market. New mortgages will be issued to young families. Banks and card issuers will dangle the financial carrot in front of our faces, and America will bite, because we always do. But before you take that fateful lunge, take a moment to reflect on the 11 most evil things the banking industry did in 2011.

My Favorites…

1. Family Pays Their Mortgage, Bank Ruins Their Lives Anyway

3. Bank Arrests People for Trying to Close Their Accounts

5. Bank Sues Thousands of Credit Card Customers via Robo-Signed Papers

9. Bank Arrests Its Own Customer for Cashing a Bank-Issued Check

10. Bank Attempts to Foreclose on a Couple That Never Had a Mortgage

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