This one has some explicit language so reader discretion is advised…


The “Quiet Rooms” of Mitt Romney’s Mind

Responding to a question about wage inequality, the candidate who says he loves to fire people, Mitt Romney, dismissed any discussion of the matter as being nothing more than envy and talk suitable for “quiet rooms”.

“Quiet rooms”? At first, I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was talking about. “Quiet Rooms”?

Then I remembered a tour I took many years ago to view the then newly constructed Mormon temple in San Diego. Non-Mormons are not allowed inside a temple and would not be allowed after it opened as a church. No photographs of the interior were allowed and it is difficult to find any on the internet. As you can see below, it is a soaring, magnificent, semi-gothic structure. The exterior finish is marble chips in plaster, giving the building a bright white glow.

The inside was totally unexpected. On the outside, it looks like a traditional church, but inside there were many smaller rooms designed to accommodate three people in very close quarters. “Quiet rooms.”

I gathered from this that Mormonism is a very “hands on” organization where people are influenced strongly by the church hierarchy. Under these circumstances, members are counseled on their thoughts and behavior. Nothing wrong with that. Every organization tries to influence its members.

But, it is important to bear in mind that this sort of intimidation leads to a sort of group-think. In other words, Romney’s view of the world is colored by his Mormon experience.

Romney has had ample opportunity to clarify his response to the question of poverty, but he is sticking to it because he believes it. So whatever you think about the man, that belief, and other Mormon beliefs, will form the cornerstone of his policies.

It is also important to note that Mormons provide welfare to Mormons. Bishops determine who needs what and it is provided. This is admirable indeed, but somewhat discriminatory with regard to non-Mormons. It’s a form of very exclusive socialism like the kind that banks got.

There is a lot we don’t know about Mormonism, and that is intentional. Mormons have secret temples and wear a sacred “garment” around their private parts 24/7. That’s cool. It’s different.

My concern is how does that sort of difference affect the Mormon view of non-Mormons? If they have secrets, would they also be deceitful? Why won’t he release his tax returns?

He doesn’t want to talk about wage inequality because he’s all for it, and doesn’t want to have to lie…yet.

Wage inequality isn’t the problem; it is a symptom of the much larger problem of permanent job losses and nothing being done about it. And it isn’t because of high taxes or regulation.

The most profitable companies pay no taxes. The most profitable companies provided the campaign money to elect people who will regulate for them, not the American people.

What scant regulation there is won’t even be enforced because the regulators sleep with the very captains of industry they are supposed to be regulating.

That is why there is wage inequality and high unemployment and Mitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about that because he sure as hell has no intention of fixing it. It’s worked for him.

If we can only whisper about the jobs problem, how will we unravel the problem and begin to grow jobs?

But, he is wrong about the envy part; it isn’t envy.

It isn’t jealousy or “class warfare” as he proposed. It is fucking rage and anger against people like him who grab it all for themselves by cheating and then blame us for our failure to do the same.

Fuck you Mitt Romney. Fuck you and the PR agencies hired by Wall Street to put these words in your mouth. Fuck the bankstas who bankrolled it with the money they stole from us through their designed to fail mortgages, derivatives, and venture capital.

They say they work hard for the money and they deserve it because they add value and create jobs. Bullshit! They do nothing of the kind. They steal it from others and export our jobs to people more desperate than we for three dollars a day.

I say they do nothing resembling work. Where I came from there were three kinds of work: logging, mining, and farming. If you can do it with a hand painted designer silk Windsor knot tight under your collar, it isn’t considered working; it’s clerking.

Let’s remember that Romney started out as a member of the one percent, born with a silver spoon up his ass where it could be near his mouth.

I’m not envious. I wouldn’t want to be him or anybody else for that matter. After all of these years, I still have a hard time just being me. I have never envied what other people had, and if they have come by it through honest achievement, I celebrate their success.

I don’t want something for nothing; I always find out later on that I can’t afford it.

But, that isn’t who Mitt Romney is. He’s a liar and a cheater who started at the top; he was born there. Instead of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars that he could never spend and then point at the very real issue of wage disparity and dismiss it as talk, he should have donated his life to charity work, not looting successful companies.

His very attitude is reflective of what has destroyed the global economy. Romney will be more of the same piled higher and deeper as he protects the banks and the 1%.

Why else would he want to be President?

He tosses around ten thousand dollar wagers while stressing his Mormon virtues.

He reminds me of that fat, pontificating wind-bag, Bill Bennett, who preaches publically how others should live while concealing the fact that he himself spent hundreds of hours pumping $8 million of his families money into slot machines. Thank God I will never be that bored.

Bill Bennett was a Bush era drug czar and Education Secretary. Is he dumb enough to think he would win big? At slots? Hey, I believe in luck as much as the next guy, but about half of all luck is bad luck.

When it comes to slots, luck is not a factor. They always win. It’s just a computer program. Nothing is left to “chance”. Everything is designed to produce so much money over time and spit some of it back out occasionally.

The longer one player sits at a slot, the less likely they are to win any money.

I’m not sure how Romney’s $10,000 bet jibes with the Mormon list of no-nos , but one thing that gamblers unavoidably convey about their personalities is the expectation of getting something for nothing. A sort of entitlement to the money of others.

Romney’s latest imperial act of kindness was to give an unemployed, potential voter fifty bucks. I don’t know if that’s the going rate for a vote these days, but apparently it was less than she was anticipating. As she headed home to restore her electricity, she was overheard to grumble, “Fifty dollars? Fifty dollars? Fuck him, I’m voting for Ron Paul.”

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement