“I don’t understand it. I never seen a situation like this in all my life,” said the Chicago native, who is twice widowed. “Nobody didn’t give me this house. I bought it with blood, sweat and tears.”


Homeowners association pursues extreme option — foreclosure — against Korean War veteran

A measly $338.91.

That’s how much Sherman McCray owed his homeowner association when the board of directors foreclosed on his Clermont house.

Of course, the debt wasn’t just $338.91 by the time a Lake County judge on Jan. 3 ordered the 81-year-old Korean War veteran’s home sold.

Oh, no. Between 2010 when McCray failed to pay a homeowners assessment and that final hearing, the all-powerful homeowner association in the Vistas subdivision had levied late fees, costs and interest, and it had busied itself running up absurd lawyer bills by sending threatening letters at every turn.

Total cost now: $4,272.24.

On March 13, McCray’s house is to be sold to pay the debt, and the retired long-haul trucker who uses a wheelchair most of the time will be thrown out, along with his graying Labrador retriever named Mac.

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