This may not be a case of a missing payment. We recently got word that Ocwen is charging a “transfer fee” to the homeowners when purchasing their loans…

“It appears that when servicers sell loans to other servicers, the new servicer then charges the homeowner a ridiculous ‘transfer fee’, causing them to get behind or increase their payment to accommodate this charge. Are you familiar with that? I’m noticing this w/the buyout of Litton Loan Servicing to OCWEN. I don’t think this should be occurring.”


Action 9: Woman’s home loan sold, payment lost

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. — A Caldwell County woman was threatened with foreclosure over a missing payment she said she made to her loan company.

Sherry Story is a hard-working single mother and does not have money to waste. For the last two months she has been trying to chase down the $400 payment she made on her second mortgage to Litton Loan Servicing just as her loan was being sold to Ocwen Loan.

“These are the bills that started coming through from Ocwen saying I owed them money,” she said.

Story said she sent Ocwen a copy of the payment that came through her bank and has called Ocwen 15 times, but still cannot get credit for the payment.

Now the company has tacked on additional charges totaling nearly $1,100.

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