Seeing Through Team Obama’s False Talking Points On the Latest Bank Giveaway

It’s incredibly important that you–voters–understand that you are being lied to right now by your Federal Government and Team Obama.

Tomorrow a still secret deal will be announced and signed by the Bailed-Out Banks (B.O.B.s), our Federal Government, and an unknown but probably tragically high number of states attorneys general. You’ll hear this deal called a “Robo-signing settlement”, though it’s impossible to see how it can end the fraudulent manufacture of evidence by creditors in foreclosure cases. You might also hear it called a “mortgage servicer settlement”, because the B.O.B.’s conduct while wearing their mortgage servicing hats is supposedly the focus of the deal. But here’s how it should be known: The United States’s Latest Lavish/Slavish Gift to the Bailed-Out Banks Settlement.

To help you see through Team Obama’s talking points to the reality of the deal, I’m going to post a few translations. See, any chance we have of achieving good housing policy hinges on you and your neighbors and friends not falling for their snow job, and your letting Team Obama know you’re not buying what they’re selling. This first translation focuses on the person who speaks for the United States on housing policy:U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan.

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