David Carter Found Dead In Foreclosed Home As Many As Four Years After Suicide (VIDEO)

Abandoned homes have become an increasingly common sight amidst a national foreclosure crisis. Yet what may lurk forgotten behind closed doors may be much worse than nothing at all.

A Milwaukee real estate agent entered one such house last month after it was repossessed due to tax foreclosure — the government can foreclose on a home if taxes and subsequent fees are not paid off within a designated time period — to find a sight he’s not likely to forget soon. The body of the owner David Carter was found on the stairs in a “nearly skeletonized” state after being left there undiscovered for what investigators believe to be up to four years, The Daily Mail reports.

Carter, whose friends and acquaintances described as “smart and generous,” even “funny,” quit his job as a nuisance control officer for the City of Milwaukee in 2007, telling co-workers that he planned to move to New Mexico, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Instead, it appears that Carter committed suicide. He was found with a bullet wound through his head and a handgun on his chest the day that he would have turned 45 years old.