“The fact is foreclosure will happen anyway, no matter who holds the note, Passidomo said. The reality is the borrower borrowed something from someone, and didn’t pay his debt, she said.”


Florida bill seeks to hasten foreclosures

Critics are opposing a bill they claim introduces nonjudicial foreclosures to Florida, favors banks and threatens homeowners’ rights, but the Naples legislator sponsoring it insists the opposite is the case.

House Bill 213 tries to streamline the foreclosure process, staying within the court system rather than bypassing it, and protects homeowners’ rights, said Kathleen Passidomo, a Republican state representative and real estate lawyer from Naples.

However, some homeowners, watchdog groups and lawyers, fearing a foreclosure defendant’s day in court is in jeopardy, are blogging and speaking against the bill. A coalition of groups that include the Mortgage Justice Group; ForeclosureHamlet; 4closurefraud.org; Awake the State; the Occupy Movement; and the Foreclosure Coalition will march to the Capitol on Feb. 16 to protest HB 213 and any moves toward nonjudicial foreclosure at the annual Rally in Tally.

They have been misinformed, Passidomo said. “I have been saying from day one that I will not support a nonjudicial foreclosure bill.”

HB 213 is a fair bill, Passidomo said. “It will give the courts the tools to move the process forward. In no way, shape or form does it take away the rights of any borrowers.”

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Florida Fair Foreclosure Act