Soto Voices Concerns Regarding Foreclosure Legislation

State Representatives Darren Soto along with concerned legislators and members of the community gathered outside the House chambers at the State Capitol today for a press conference to announce their concerns regarding CS/B 213. If passed, the bill would weaken homeowners’ rights. The bill would reduce the burden of proof for lenders and create an anti-homeowner measure regarding abandonment. The one positive aspect of this bill is that it reduces the statute of limitations for foreclosure debt from five to two years.

Representative Soto has filed legislation to increase rights for homeowners during each of the legislative sessions he has served in office. Unfortunately, the legislative leadership has not granted him the opportunity to present these bills in committee or on the House floor.

This year House Bill 213 was filed which has been introduced in two committees where the bill was voted favorably (13-1 in Civil Justice Subcommittee & 12-4 in Economic Affairs Committee). As a steadfast supporter of homeowners’ rights, Representative Soto has concerns regarding the content of CS/HB 213. He was the only legislator to vote against the bill in the Civil Justice Subcommittee.

Representative Soto stated, “With Florida being one of the hardest hit states for foreclosures, it becomes critical that the solutions we adopt will help rather than hurt homeowners. I will be working with my peers to assure that any legislation passed will move us in the right direction while protecting property rights.’