America is Being Stolen, One Piece of Land At A Time…Who Is The Wizard Behind The Curtain?

A sane person would think that if parties were going to be throwing millions of people out of their homes and into the streets, collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in the process and performing the single largest transfer of real property in the United States of America since the Louisiana Purchase we would all know who was behind all of this….wouldn’t you? But ignore the big picture, national security/public policy stuff loaded into that big question for a moment. Even if the answer to that first question was no, you would think that at the very least, if you were being thrown into the street you would have the right to know who owned the note and who was directing the foreclosure against you and your family right? Well, this is Amerika folks, and those quaint notions of transparency, open government and justice don’t apply anymore. The banks and servicers that are taking apart this country one foreclosure at a time, taking your home and throwing your family into the street can do as they please and you have no right to know who they are actually working for.

But it’s not just you that is being kept in the dark. You see, courts all across this country are transferring not just hundreds of millions of dollars, but the actual physical dirt and land and the true foundation of this entire nation, one home at a time, one foreclosure case at a time…..AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE TRANSFERRING THE PROPERTY TO!

What we do know for certain is that in hundreds of thousands of cases, all across this country, the Plaintiffs that are suing to throw hundreds of thousands of American families into the streets, the Plaintiffs that are taking title to hundreds of thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of acres of the real property of the United States of Americans are not the owners of the notes and mortgages. They are merely the assassins hired by hidden and undisclosed third parties that are the real parties in interest.

They are getting away with this now, but it was not always this way. You see, in Florida, the lawsuit form approved by the Florida Supreme Court requires that to state a cause of action for foreclosure, the Plaintiff must allege that they “own the note and mortgage”. But this language that has been used for hundreds of years has been ignored recently and the typical foreclosure lawsuit now reads, “The Plaintiff owns or holds the note and mortgage or has the authority to enforce the same.” Really? Well, which is it?

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