San Francisco Foreclosure Audit Elicits Predictable Responses from Securitization Mess Deniers

Given the existence of a large and still for the most part very well remunerated mortgage industrial complex, it is not surprising that a investigation done by a mere county that found errors in virtually all the loans in a small sample of foreclosures created a hue and cry.

While state attorney general Kamala Harris remarked that, “The allegations are deeply troubling and, sadly, no surprise to homeowners and law enforcement officials in California,” and Nancy Pelosi wrote to ask Eric Holder to take a look, the securitization problem deniers went to assault mode. Paul Jackson came close to having a heart attack on Twitter, apparently hoping that rapid burst ad hominem attacks would mask his lack of a substantive argument, and also distract from the fact that he had yanked a straight up the center account on the audit by one of his best reporters, Jon Prior.

Since Jackson is particularly aggressive in defending the interest of his backers and advertisers, it is not surprising that he has gotten around to penning an article on the SF audit. The reason I dwell on Jackson’s stance is that he gets sanctimonious about his action:

I made the decision to pull our story covering the audit off the HW website in the interest of ensuring that our reporting wasn’t echoing false information.

Jackson is in no position to throw stones. We’ve debunked quite a few of past articles on securitization in which he has misrepresented the significance of court decisions and gone to some lengths to try to smear individuals who are on the front lines of exposing the chain of title and foreclosure fraud carnage.

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