Two Sets of Books

This is a whole ‘nother kettle of stinking fish.

Again, these insolvent banks prove that they are all making up these facts, sums, figures, and accounting tricks.

Here is one example from a fraudclosure on Amos Delva’s home. There’s all manner of fraudclosure tactics involved, including unreported modification payments, magically appearing and conflicting endorsements on altered promissory notes, and the usual servicer-driven fraudclosure methods. Occupy Ft. Lauderdale is gearing up for anti-eviction defense to aid Mr. Delva. We know he’s in excellent hands.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll be examining a newly uncovered fraud; the two sets of books variant.

An affidavit (below) by Indymac/Onewest robosigner stating the principal amount due on the note and mortgage as of July 8, 2009 is $188,409.60.

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Compare this to the July 2009 investor report which allegedly reports data current as of the end of June 2009. The report to the investors should match what is told to the homeowner and the court, right? But the trustee’s books, US Bank as Trustee for Lehman XS Trust 2005-XM, show the remaining principal amount due as $184,496.15, a four thousand dollar difference.

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Hmmm… Wonder where that money went…

Many more of these examples to come!



Indymac/Onewest Affidavit Stating Different Principal Balance Than Reported in Investor Report

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July 2009 investor report

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