Amerika, Why Can’t We Jail Bankers?

We’re coming up on four years since the financial crisis of 2008 nearly took this nation over the edge. But just as the jalopy called our nation’s financial system started to fly off into the abyss, the banker elites and their hand-picked handmaidens at all levels of government stepped in and bailed them all out. President Bush wrote the check, then President Obama cashed it. Parties no longer matter, I submit they merged into a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy with the election of Bush II and a deal cut over the botched Bush/Gore election of 2000.

So here we are years later and the details of the diabolical crime spree continue to leak out like discharge from an infected boil. A few piddling investigations, a few press conferences with get tough pronouncements but nothing, not a single thing, has been done to punish all of those who caused this hell that we continue to live in today.

Oh sure, for many people things seem okay. They’re not in foreclosure, they have a job. They are getting by. But even those who are getting by are drowning in very real ways that are just not recognized…yet.

Have you seen the streets of Greece? If you only watch the network news you sure haven’t, but everyone should be paying attention to the fact that the streets in Greece are literally on fire, with hundreds of thousands of people out protesting. The thing that we all need to understand is that the debt fundamentals that brought the Greeks into the street are even worse here in the United States of America. The percentage of government debt and personal debt for the good ole USA is actually higher than that of the Greeks.

We have not yet felt the crippling pain of massive cuts in social services and extraordinary hits to spending, but we will. We simply cannot avoid the math. Heap together the existing government debt, the personal debt, the student loans, divide that across the working population multiplied by reasonable estimates of growth and GDP and we’re rioting in the streets. And if this were not bad enough, heap on top of that sinking ship the trillions of dollars that we all shelled out to bail out the criminal elite that set up…and profited obscenely from this Rube Goldberg minefield of a world economy. They saddled us all with a debt burden that we simply cannot overcome. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in real debt per person that must be repaid….somehow….or else.

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