The Florida House passed their version of the UNFair Foreclosure Act.

REMEMBER each and every Florida House & Senate member is up for reelection this year due to redistricting

CS passed as amended; YEAS 94, NAYS 17 Wednesday, February 29, 2012 12:04 PM

While it’s clear the legislature has already decided to pass this bill, we still have one last chance to voice our strong opposition.



In Palm Beach County alone, there are 10,794 final judgments in foreclosure cases that are over one year old yet where the bank has not proceeded to sale. In almost every single one of these cases, a sale was set by a judge, cancelled by the bank, and then never reset DESPITE an estimated 90% being uncontested.

This study should be repeated in every county. It proves that there is much misunderstanding of the nature of Florida’s foreclosure crisis. The faster foreclosure bill, SB 1890, is a misguided attempt to solve a problem that has not been fully studied or understood while undermining due process rights and property rights of millions of Floridian citizens. We all know that the misrepresentation of this bill being limited to “abandoned” homes is a slick bait-and-switch. We all know how abusive the financial services industry is to citizens. We all know that any home, anywhere can be determined “abandoned” in the same way that tens of thousands of active duty, deployed military members were determined “non-military” as they lost their homes in illegal foreclosures. The financial services industry has a clear, unbroken track record of violating laws and settlement agreements. We all know this.

In addition, the legislature’s ostrich approach to foreclosure fraud and widespread property ownership document fraud is offensive. Instead of protecting citizens harmed by a pervasive, deeply damaging fraud our elected officials are legislating the polar opposite, methods for the fraud to be perpetrated faster and smoother while dispossessing millions from their homes during a crushing economy.

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