A Thief Can Steal A Home and The Coming Law of The Street

It is the law in the State of Florida that a thief can steal your home. This is the law of the banks. This fact should be quite disturbing to every single person in America, and especially to every single person in the State of Florida, but not at all surprising. All of America is of course aware that the banks are already looting our 401k’s and retirement funds. All of America understands that our nation’s attorney generals discovered serious fraud and wrongdoing among most of the major banks. They then inked a secret deal that will apparently let them all walk away Scott free. But first the banks will be permitted to extort some money from your retirement account to pay off the attorney generals. This is the law of the banks.

I am litigating several cases right now where the banks have broken down doors, drilled out locks. Property has gone missing. Cold beers were drank then left opened on counters. Many times the same homes are broken into over and over. If law enforcement does come out to investigate, the banks explain they are permitted to break in, no matter the rights of the homeowner. This is the law of the banks. In several cases, the homeowner is not in foreclosure, but this doesn’t matter. The banks explain to me and to judges that they have the right to break down doors, change the locks, “secure the property”. This is the law of the banks.

And we learn just today that even in the case of the failed investment firm MF Global where at least $1 billion of client funds were reported missing, it does not look like the thieves and criminals will face any prosecution. The banks own you. They own “their” elected officials. The banks hold each of us captive, slaves to their debt lifeblood while they are provided even greater rewards for successfully perpetuation of their criminal enterprises compliments of the government they use to suppress dissent and persecute the slaves and the victims of their crimes. This is the law of the banks.

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