While this poem isn’t about foreclosures per se, it does involve a member of the 1% who brought down the housing market and the global economy. It is in regards to the story about William Bryan Jennings, the Morgan Stanley exec that stabbed a cab driver.

Amazing but not surprising how his attorney is spinning him as the victim. Kind of like how the banks want the general populace to believe they are the victims in the foreclosure crisis.


“Life is a Cab Away”

By Wrongedfellow

My name is William Bryan Jennings
It sounds so debonair
When I take a cab ride
I never pay the fare

A card carrying member
Of the vaunted one percent
I don’t like Middle Eastern people
or their foreign accents

I wish the ninety nine percent
Would get off their lazy asses
I work mine off at Morgan Stanley
And I pay a lot of taxes

For my kids a private school
For my wife, diamonds and furs
And for cabbies I reserve
My finest racial slurs

My job is very stressful
Underwriting worthless bonds
Attending charity auctions
And squandering TARP funds

In the leafy suburbs of Darien
I carry lots of clout
If you insist on me paying
I know all about bailouts

This story would get no press
If it weren’t for my riches
Besides, his hand is not that bad
It only required sixty stitches

So here’s the real story
I was out of cash that day
But the driver refused my offer
Of ten shares in BofA

Now I’ve been put on leave
But you know I’m living large
Life is good for the one percent
They always dismiss the charge