Florida Fraudclosure Fighter Matt Gardi Files for Clerk of Court

Florida Keys fraudclosure fighter, Matt Gardi, a long time local columnist in the Keys who has been writing extensively about the fraudclosure crisis has thrown his hat in the ring for Monroe County Clerk of Courts.

Gardi, who has written columns for Key West the Newspaper, and Konk Life, was disappointed by the recent settlement with banks at a national level. Keystones to his campaign are preservation of title histories, joining Duval County Clerk of Court’s class action suit against MERS, and holding banks and their lawyers accountable at the local level.

Gardi finds himself in a three way race in the Republican primary, without any Democrat on the horizon at this point in time. Monroe County Clerk Danny Kolhage has chosen to retire after decades of service, leaving the race wide open. For this reason Gardi feels his chances are extremely good.

Gardi, the Information Systems Director at the Office of the State Attorney in the 16th Judicial District has been a Government watchdog, and advocate of fiscal responsibility both in his job, and as a local columnist. He plans to phase out of work and devote his attention full time to the campaign in the coming months.

“If they have no intention of holding the banks accountable at the National and State level, it is imperative that those in positions at the local level are aware of the issues, and will work to protect and defend property rights and due process.,” Gardi said. “There is no greater issue facing our Country, and the last line of defense is our County land records, this affects everything, from school budgets, to every Monroe County resident’s net worth.”

Along with defending title histories, property values and tax base, Gardi wants to work to consolidate government agencies, create better inter-agency cooperation, and implement technology to develop efficiency and cost savings across the board. He feels his experience over the years working for both the State Attorney and Public Defender, along with having run his own small businesses has put him in a unique position to serve the public well as Clerk of Courts.

To find out more information about his campaign, or to find out how you can support his efforts, check out his website, www.mattgardi.com, or email him at matt@mattgardi.com.