“I think the biggest fear for national security advisors is not attack from some foreign enemy thousands of miles and distant oceans away. The Red Guard is surely not planning any direct attacks here on our shore. The real national security fear is undoubtedly for what happens right here in the streets of the United States of America once the veneer of our existing social order is stripped away. “


America is Dying… Have You Done Anything To Help Save Her?

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
Isoroku Yamamoto after his attack on the USA.

We all know this nation is in dire, and probably fatal peril, right? If you take the time to read real journalism and real analysis like ZeroHedge or NakedCapitalism. If you have enough sense to realize that most of the information fed to the general population by the main stream media is nothing more than morphine being mainlined to a cancer stricken corpse, if you have two firing brain cells and have mastered sixth grade level math you understand that the entire world financial system is teetering on the edge of a gigantic abyss. And as the financial system goes, so too goes our government, the latter being inextricably linked to the former.

The reality is our entire system of government is staring straight into a very real crisis of confidence and a total failure of authority because it is losing the consent of the governed. The other reality is that only through voluntary consent does our government have any authority or legitimacy at all. The next step in the equation is that at some point in time, likely in the not so distant future, the sleeping dog that is the American people is going to wake from its addled slumber and respond back after being kicked and beaten upon for so many decades. The response will be a violent and definite repudiation of the consent to govern that now empowers an utterly corrupt and therefore illegitimate ruling elite.

Now you won’t see any of this analysis at all in the mainstream media and the fact is there is not much overt expression of this phenomena…yet…but the fact of the matter is the American population is simmering with anger and discontent and that anger is only growing every day. Slowly, ever so slowly, America is starting to wake up to the awful, enraging reality that we have all been held at gunpoint, robbed then spat on after everything we had has been stolen from us.

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