Dear Friends,

You did it!

Thank you for the emails, the phone calls, the visits to Tallahassee! You kept the pressure on the Florida Legislature for weeks, and late Friday night, your voice made the difference.

The so-called Florida Fair Foreclosure Act died when the 2012 legislative session adjourned midnight Friday after a week of fierce opposition organizing by you and so many others.

The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act was never fair to homeowners and never a step toward strengthening our state’s economy. Orchestrated by the big banks and their political allies, the bill would have made it easier for banks to foreclose and accelerated the foreclosure process – further jeopardizing working families trying to save their homes.

From the beginning, you and PICO United Florida’s allies, including FOCUS (Federation of Congregations United to Serve) in Orlando, Mortgage Justice, Organize Now, Florida Consumer Action Network, Miami Workers Center, and Florida Legal Services, Inc., worked closely with state legislators to oppose this unfair bill.

But the work isn’t over. Will you help us thank the legislators who stood with homeowners against the bank interests? Here’s what you can do:

Email a thank-you note to Rep. Darren Soto, Sen. Steve Oelrich, and Sen. Mike Fasano. Tell them you appreciate their leadership for working families and that you’ll be sure to share the story of their stand with your friends and neighbors.

When we work together, as we did this week, we can have impact!

Thanks for all you do,

– Peter Phllips, PICO United Florida