Calling All Whistleblowers: PLEASE, Your Country Needs You

Everyday brings more proof the Bailed-Out Bankers (those B.O.Bs) are running our country to their liking. Exhibit A: the Obama Administration, the B.O.Bs and the rest of state and federal law enforcement agree to violate contracts so taxpayers, pension funds, 401ks and other investors can pay for the B.O.B.s misdeeds. So what’s an American to do to reclaim her country?

Well, if you work for the B.O.Bs and are in a position to witness banker wrongdoing, tell law enforcers. You know, like the anti-terrorism ads say: If you see something, say something.

Perhaps you know your B.O.B bosses are ripping people off by lying about the bank’s borrowing costs; perhaps you know your B.O.B. bosses are systematically ripping off our government via the HAMP program, via inflated appraisals for FHFA insured mortgages; or perhaps, like whistleblower Linda Almonte, your B.O.B. bosses demanded that you participate in their fraud.

Almonte first made headlines over a year ago. Now she’s breaking her silence, backed up by first rate reporting by American Banker, to deafeningly blow the whistle on JPMorgan Chase’s abuse of its credit card users.

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