“This is no longer a fight about foreclosures – this is a fight for the very integrity of our courthouses. We all pay for this horrendous system, whether our homes are in foreclosure or not. Encouraging foreclosure over modification depresses all home values and stalls our housing recovery. Speak out to your elected officials and tell them you are tired of banks buying their influence and our courts.”


Florida’s Rocket Docket Redux

Remember the Summer of 2010 when America’s eyes were trained on Jacksonville because of a Rolling Stone article and CNN story describing Florida’s Foreclosure Rocket Dockets?

The national journalism detailed the cozy relationship between the banks’ lawyers and the band of retired judges who, for upwards of $600 per day, rubber-stamped foreclosure judgments in the face of obviously fraudulent evidence. The media coined the term “Robo-Judges.”

You may also recall from that Rolling Stone piece the Chief Judge of the Duval County Rocket Docket famously declaring on CNN that he had never seen any bank fraud in his courtroom. He described the banks’ conduct as merely “sloppy.” I was actually investigated by The Florida Bar for speaking out to CNN about this travesty of justice. With truth as my defense, The Florida Bar could do little to shut me up.

Fast forward to present time and the recent $26B settlement between the mortgage servicing industry and state prosecutors. The servicers agreed to pay this rather paltry fine, with over $8B earmarked for Florida, solely to acknowledge the very fraud our band of retired judges refused to see.

Mercifully, the Statewide Rocket Docket ran out of funding last year, and the retired judges were replaced with judges actually accountable for their conduct.

Well, now it appears that Florida is on the verge of Rocket Docket Redux.

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