Home wrongfully sold in Livingston County

Imagine buying a home, putting money into it, then months later finding out you don’t really own it. Seems crazy, but it happened to a Mount Morris couple.

Apparently, Livingston County sold them a home claiming it was foreclosed on, but in reality the bank had the rights to it. Anne Sapienza, the town of Leicester’s sole assessor says it all happened.

Sapienza said, “It was a mistake, and it was missed but I don’t know why it was missed.”

The home was classified as a single family dwelling, but you can see it is actually a mobile home. Sapienza says it was classified that way so they could value it properly, but to be clear it was described as a mobile home on the town’s website. Something, she says, was missed when the county looked into foreclosing the home.

Sapienza said,”If someone went out and took a picture you can see it was a manufactured home.”

All the problems started after the county sold it for $53,000 at a tax foreclosure auction in July. News10NBC spoke to Kevin Van Allen, the lawyer representing the family who bought the home.

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