From Occupy Palm Beach:

Palm Beach County continues to be a national center of foreclosure fraud and, in response, the OPBC GA has approved two projects. Occupy the Courts will have foreclosure fraud court watchers attending hearings to observe and draw attention to our bankster-dominated legal system. Occupy Our Homes will assist homeowners in foreclosure–through Occupations, community organizing and protests (including at banks), connecting individual fights with systemic problems.

Saturday’s GA in the Cultural Plaza in Lake Worth will start at 11. Along with short committee reports and other items, we’ll talk about how to implement Occupy the Courts and Occupy Our Homes. We’ll be looking for volunteers to carry out these projects. If you want to volunteer but can’t attend on Saturday, go to, log in and leave a message.

The Cultural Plaza is on the east side of M Street between Lake and Lucerne Avenues in downtown Lake Worth between City Hall and the Library. There’s lots of shade and grass and plenty of parking. Bring a folding chair if you’d like. From I-95, take the Sixth St. exit east to M Street, then left (north) to the Cultural Plaza.