Occupy Our Homes DC Wins Stay on Foreclosure

Throughout the winter, as the cameras of the corporate media turned elsewhere, Occupy did not stop organizing. We were in our communities, helpings fight back against unfair policies and keeping families in their homes. From San Francisco to DC, Detroit to Riverside, Minneapolis to Atlanta, and Mississippi to Hawaii, we´ve had a ton of successes. Today, we can add another: Occupy DC, who just celebrated their six-month anniversary on Sunday with a carnival and festive march, have won another battle to save the home of a local resident.

Occupy Our Homes DC released this press statement before today´s action:


Washington, DC

Press Contact: Housing@Occupydc.org, 202-­‐540-­‐0155

Occupy DC confronts U.S. Marshals to save Dawn Butler’s home

WHO: Dawn Butler, Occupy our Homes DC
WHAT: Stop an eviction
WHEN: 9am-­‐ until the US Marshals back off
WHERE: 917 Maryland Ave. N.E. Washington, DC

WASHINGTON DC-­‐ 9am Monday April 2nd, the U.S. Marshals are set to evict Dawn Butler from the home that she has lived in since 2006. Violating her rights under DC law, J.P. Morgan Chase denied Ms. Butler her right to buy her house when her landlord went into foreclosure. The bank railroaded her case through the courts. Now she is facing eviction.

However, she will not be leaving. Ms. Butler and Occupy Our Homes have teamed up to keep her in her home.

Dawn is just one of millions of Americans who have been taken advantage of by greedy banks. Communities of color were disproportionally affected by the 2008 financial collapse. Between 2001 and 2009 median black wealth fell 83%. This is due in no small part to that community being targeted by banks for predatory loans and unfair evictions.

“Why should I move? I have not done anything wrong. I feel like when I walk back into that court I am going to have even more strength. I’m not alone. At first I was embarrassed, because the Marshals are going to be outside, but now I say, ‘come outside Marshals, because this is what you are going to see, you are going to see us fighting back.’”

Around the country a movement has been gathering steam to fight back against predatory banks that are stealing peoples home and tearing apart our communities. Housing activists have successfully blocked evictions and even moved homeless families into vacant homes.

Just last month Bertina Jones, a homeowner in Bowie, Maryland, joined Occupy Our Homes DC to successfully block her own eviction. Ms. Jones’ story serves as a model for people facing eviction around the country.

“They will try to isolate you and make you feel so embarrassed. And you don’t know what to do, and you don’t have a lawyer, and they have a whole legal team. And you feel like you’re fighting this big giant alone. But you’re not alone, and if we stand together they can’t win. And that’s why I’m out supporting Dawn Butler.”

Housing is a human right. The 99% will no longer allow profits to subvert people’s needs. The spring offensive is underway.

Rosenberg and Associates, LLC: 301-­‐903-­‐8000
J.P. Morgan Chase: 212-­‐552-­‐0054
Occupy DC Media: 202-­‐540-­‐0155

Today, after a stand-off with Occupiers, a court issued a stay on the foreclosure! This is the second time Occupy DC has helped stave off an eviction. However, this is not a total victory. Occupiers will be supporting Dawn Butler until the bank agrees to let her buy her home. You can also follow more on this campaign on Twitter: @OccupyOurHomes, @Occupy_DC, @OccupyKSt, @OccupyHomesDC