Lisa Epstein, RN, and a George Mason University graduate, was working as an oncology nurse in Palm Beach County, Florida when she started noticing something new — and unsettling — as patients talked about their struggles. Not only were her patients and their families coping with a serious diagnosis and the cost and side effects of treatments, but more and more of them were also facing the loss of their homes.

Then it happened to her. Rather than hiding her personal struggle, she turned it into a full-time cause: being the voice of millions of people harmed by the worst financial crisis in decades. Lisa decided to be a nurse for people caught in the worst financial crisis of their time and launched a grass-roots movement against the country’s largest financial institutions that destroyed the economy.

Notice how our elected officials (in congress) are doing now.

Think it’s time for a change?

Elect Lisa Epstein for Palm Beach County Clerk 2012.

And don’t forget to contribute to her campaign here…