Matt Weidner | A Court Stands Up, And Boldly States…”Banks Should Not Just Break Into Homes!”

And for all you Constitutional scholars out there who will remind me that this protection refers to state action, I make the argument the banks have effectively become arms of the federal government….and especially when they come kicking down the door under the color of a foreclosure proceeding. It happens all the time….if police are called, the bank burglar asserts, “they’re in foreclosure”. If there’s a security gate, they tell the guard, “they’re in foreclosure!”

And for far too long, they’ve gotten away with this. But it’s time for all this to stop. It’s time for courts to reign in the banks, to uphold the law, to protect the most fundamental American property rights. Well finally one court has said something:

The Court:

I think that’s a pretty serious threat and to say that you are going to have somebody’s house winterized when it’s 80 degrees outside…

Unfortunately this is the third one I’ve heard this week on those kind of notices. And I don’t know which lenders or which servicers or who actually is doing it. I haven’t had the hearings on the other two, but from a general statement that this is the kind of action and context that is going on, I think it’s deplorable actually. And hopefully this is an isolated incident.

You can check out the post n its entirety with the full ruling here…