The Market Ticker – Dylan Slays ‘Em Again

It just never ends folks, at least not if you vote “D” or “R”….

Months after requesting the transcripts detailing what happened inside the Fed during the financial crisis, the Dylan Ratigan Show reveals the information they received, and discuss their findings with the Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

What was found among what wasn’t redacted (which was most of it) was a monstrous “revolving door” of Fed officials who then go on to “privileged” inside jobs at various institutions.

Of course they take their knowledge with them, which is a problem, and perhaps a very big problem, as you and I will never, ever have that sort of access.

Does it matter? Indeed.

How much is such inside knowledge worth?

You can’t calculate it — it’s that big.


These people need to be shut down. Turn The Fed into a payment clearing mechanism (e.g. Fedwire) only and reform monetary policy with a simple mechanical mandate — zero inflation, period.

We instead keep arguing over how badly we’d like to be screwed — horribly, aggressively and repetitively or with demonic intent.

That’s a stupid debate as either way you got financially hosed by those trading with privileged information. We’re well past the point where accountability needs to be imposed on these the clowns at The Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve.

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