Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Motion to Purge Lender Processing Services’ (LPS) Accidentally Leaked Internal Email

So yesterday we put up some documents that were accidentally leaked from LPS.

The conversation evolves like this:

“Yikes! The name of the foreclosing party (HSBC as Trustee for Deutsche Bank Alt-A 2007-BAR1) matches the name on the affidavit of amount owed BUT that name doesn’t match what is in our system. It’s pretty far into the legal foreclosure process. What should we do now?”

“Hey, no problemo! We have two options; 1) change the name now and possibly be hit with higher homeowner association fees or 2) quit claim deed the home over to the right name after the sale, but that will cost documentary stamp taxes. The doc stamp taxes will probably be less costly than the HOA fees. Please advise.”

“Go with the quit claim deed (QCD). After the foreclosure sale to the trust, just deed the home over to Bank of America! Problem solved.”

Today, we would like to do a little follow up by attaching the motion to purge the email from the court file…

Motion to Purge LPS

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Even though they may get the emails “purged” from the court file, they may have a little more difficulty getting this now public record “purged” from the internets…

See you at the hearing!

There is more to come on this..