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Dan Reale: “Fraudulent Foreclosures Must Stop”

Plainfield, CT (4/26/12) – Libertarian Candidate for Congress Dan Reale released the following statement today –

“The Libertarian Party opposes the initiation of force in support of fraud. That’s not an issue of left or right. It’s an issue of right or wrong. For that reason, it is time for the people of Connecticut to join together – not just to demand an end to fraudclosures, but to take action.” “It is time for us to take on the issue of fraudulent documents filed on the land records and used in court to steal homes. I don’t say that lightly. I say that with the availability of hundreds of signatures of Linda Green.”

“For those of you who don’t know, Linda Green is the alias on thousands of mortgage assignments and affidavits. She is allegedly vice president and assistant secretary of numerous institutions. Estimates are that she signed tens of thousands of mortgage documents in the last few years. While the few examples I’m making available today would suffice, there are many more on the land records of every single town in this state.”

“Linda is not alone. She is joined by Korrell Harp, Christina Huang, Kathy Smith, Tywanna Thomas, Dawn Williams and dozens of others. One some loans, Mr. Harp is a mere witness, then magically, he’s the secretary and vice president. But the important part is the signatures are obvious forgeries. So where are those Democrats who want to help the poor? Where are those Republicans who believe in the rule of law? More importantly, where are the handcuffs?”

“Immediate action is required by our state legislature to end the practice of robosigning. Attorney General George Jepsen miserably failed the people of Connecticut by effectively condoning this practice and accepting a settlement with the too big to fails engaging in mortgage fraud. In addition to removing Jepsen from office, the General Assembly needs to pass legislation that would render any fraudulent filing on town land records to be deemed void and inadmissible in court.”

“Our judges, state and federal, need to take immediate action to educate themselves on this issue. They see thousands of documents every day. Each of those documents affects a borrower, a family and a loan that was created with the exact purpose of failing. The banks sold those loans to pension funds and the federal government for a reason – and it’s not for your benefit.”

“My action will be to forever end any bailouts of any kind to those banks. They got TARP. They got HAMP. They got zero interest loans through the backdoor of the Federal Reserve. They got carte blanche to lie about their reserve requirements so FDIC wouldn’t shut them down. Still, they get free homes no matter what borrowers do. Because of what they’ve done to the land records, there’s no longer any certainty that borrowers will even receive clean title after their mortgage has been paid off. In fact, many banks, such as Bank of America, have even tried to foreclose on homeowners who’ve never had a loan.”

“Those in office and those running for office should take notice. Government takes and has taken hundreds of billions of dollars from we the people in the name of protecting the people. But that government, especially here in Connecticut, condones and actively rewards fraud in the name of saving us from ourselves. If candidates and those elected cannot and will not act on this issue, what is their value?”




Dan Reale: “Fraudulent Foreclosures Must Stop”