I-Team: Former U.S. Attorney Questioned on Robo-Signing

LAS VEGAS — Robo-signing left tens of thousands of Nevadans not knowing if they own their home.

State leaders take a near unanimous stand against it but one Nevada politician may be voting one way, while profiting another way.

State Senator Greg Brower joined a near unanimous vote last year in a high-profile bill combating robo-signing. The Reno-area Republican is in one of the most competitive races in the state. The power balance at the state capital is at stake. But perhaps, more important, a clear answer From Brower on the question: Is robo-signing good or bad?

There are Nevadans who don’t know if they own their own homes. Bill Campbell is one of them.

“I don’t own the home I bought three years ago. I made payments faithfully and on time until just recently when it was confirmed I don’t own the house I bought.”

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