“I didn’t want to talk down to him or disrespect him in front of his wife, so I just started pounding on him… just beating the living daylights out of him.  He quickly turned into a groveling, bloody mess… his wife pulling out a handkerchief and trying her best to wipe off the blood.  He rolled down onto the ground and I delivered a few good kicks just to drive home the point a little further.”


I Beat The Hell Out of Another Client Yesterday… It Was (another) One of Those Bloody, Nasty Messes…

I tried explaining to them over and over again that no one cared about their hopeless story… but they refused to listen… they kept staring back at me with those pleading, grand parent eyes, “but you’re a lawyer and the judges have to listen” They pleaded. “We live in a nation of laws and the judges have to stand up for us and do what’s right.” More with their hopeless delusions. “But you can see right here all the lies and the fraud and the errors in the bank’s paperwork.” Yeah, I’ve seen it all every single day for years now….why is this case any different?

This went on and on, both of them explaining to me what they thought they knew about our nation and our nation’s court system and our nation’s laws and justice and The Truth and all of that. I tried explaining to them about campaign contributions and corruption and the undeniable fact that absolute evil really does exist in this world. “But our nation’s courts, our judges, our law…” Granddad preached back to me. He just wouldn’t get it. So then grandmom laid into me, “But you said it yourself Mr. Weidner, their papers are all wrong, their fraud and all those investigations!” Right, I reminded her, but you’re forgetting about the campaign contributions. “And we were making our trial payments just like they told us to.” I know you were but, hey you know, mistakes happen.

“So you’re telling us with all of this there’s nothing you can do?” Let me make this very clear, “No, there’s nothing I can do… you lose, get out of the home. The bank wants you out so it can add another vacant and abandoned home to its growing inventory.”

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