My name is Lisa Epstein. I’m running for Clerk of Circuit Court, Palm Beach County. As Mothers’ Day approaches, I am reminded of how important it is to me, as a mother, to instill in my child the value of community, civic engagement, and the importance of voting. I hope my life choices and my actions will inspire my daughter to be courageous, to choose to do the right thing even when that choice is not easy or popular.

I am running for Clerk of Circuit Court because know that the Clerk of the Circuit Court can do more to protect the integrity of our court and homeowners and businesses from the fraudulent practices used by some banks and mortgage companies. I will hold the bailed out banks accountable but I need your help. I am not a politician-but I am committed to building a winning campaign. Will you help me create the change we need today with a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 ? The funds raised will be used to communicate with voters and spread our campaign’s message.

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I am appalled by financial institutions negatively impacting the value of our homes and our economy. I will work to improve and restore the integrity of our land records and the honor of our court system.

Your Mothers’ Day contribution here will help me run a robust, winning campaign. Contribute to Lisa’s Campaign Fund HERE.

Thank you for your support.


Lisa Epstein

for Clerk of Circuit Court, Palm BeachCounty, Florida

PS. Early support with a contribution of 25, 50 or 100 dollars will help me reach the voters needed to a victory! Please contribute today.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Lisa Epstein, Democrat, for Palm Beach County Clerk of Circuit Court