Concentration Camps, Mass Foreclosures And Rounding Up The Domestic Belligerents

I’ve just spent four exhausting days taking depositions and fighting for consumers all across this state. I’m dead tired, bloody from battle and exhausted, but I’m also terrified and need desperately to get this off my chest. Our angel still sings and the sheppard continues to lead the flock, but the darkness they continue to inspire us to fight continues rises up all around us.

After days in the crucible that was our former legal system, I have come to believe that there will come a time very soon where Americans will turn against Americans, neighbors against neighbors and we will enter a most violent and repressive time. It may at be first regional or localized, but in time, it will spread all across the population centers of this country.

It may start with some dramatic and catastrophic event or it may continue to creep up on us as we continue this descent into economic oblivion. Either directly or indirectly, food will be part of the gas that fuels the fire of madness, either because food supply is interrupted or because disruption to the banking system prevents access to the food people need. Think about it…most Americans have 3 days worth of food in their homes…..what happens in a time of crisis when that food is gone? And worse, what happens when Burger runs out of his Kings?

Rest here…