“Several residents assailed Bock, accusing her of not doing enough to prevent fraudulent bank documents from entering the court record. Defending herself, Bock said she must leave such “policing” to the judges.”


Foreclosure woes persist in South County

WEST DELRAY — At Valencia Isles, a 793-home community in Palm Beach County, one house has been in foreclosure for four years.

“We have a few houses in foreclosure, and our biggest problem is getting the banks to move forward,” resident Ron Wertheim said. “They don’t return your calls.”

Even as foreclosure filings have slowed, stagnant cases are one of the lingering symptoms of the six-year housing slump. The fallout continues to be felt in Palm Beach County in the form of abandoned homes and a clogged court system.

About 70 residents, many of them representing homeowners associations, brought their concerns to Clerk of Court Sharon R. Bock and Roy D. Oppenheim, a national foreclosure expert, at a library here Monday night.

“There’s no question that it is a crisis,” Bock said. “This is a crisis for every single person in the United States. … The banks have been negligent, fraudulent and downright wrong in the way that they have handled it.”

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Lisa Epstein Clerk of Court 2012

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