As ‘Fraudclosure’ Continues, County Clerks Take Up Cudgel

Visit the office of John O’Brien, register of deeds in South Essex County, Massachusetts, and he’ll eagerly show you stacks and stacks of documents. He calls it a crime scene.

Why? These documents, a plethora of mortgage-related assignments, were used as legal justification for evicting millions of families from their homes through a deeply flawed foreclosure process, enabled by the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems industry consortium. There’s nothing that gets O’Brien’s Irish up more than a discussion of the rampant fraud he sees perpetrated on the court.

“In America we don’t taken someone’s home away with fraud,” he says with a South Boston swagger and no-nonsense boom to his voice. “There was a Profiles in Courage moment for the administration when the five banks were brought to the table to answer for the robo-signing scandal, and they let it pass.”

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