Mortgage Fraud Activist Seeking County Post

Mortgage fraud activist Lisa Epstein qualified for the ballot last week in her bid to unseat incumbent Palm Beach County Clerk Sharon Bock in the August primary election.

Epstein, 46, who lives in Palm Beach and is a nurse, became deeply involved in mortgage issues when she separated from her ex-husband several years ago and her home went into foreclosure.

“I gained recognition as a citizen sleuth and financial fraud investigator for both the fraud in mortgage-backed securities as well as the foreclosure fraud on real estate documents,” Epstein said. “It’s not just foreclosure, there’s satisfaction of mortgages and other documents in our public records that have anything to do with foreclosures, based on the fact that Wall Street used homes as the basis for a big gamble, and the fallout from that is this massive fraud that we’re seeing on the back end in this real-estate market.”

Epstein said the situation has affected municipal employee pension funds and county investments… This is why she decided to run for county clerk.

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