We cannot bury this crisis in the litter box of history until we recognize how foreclosures have changed the way most Americans look at our judges, our political leaders and our banking system – all of whom have justifiably lost respect from the rest of us.


Should we just put an * by our Foreclosure Era?

by Chip Parker, Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney

Baseball had the “Steroid Era,” and the law has its “Foreclosure Era.” The two phenomenons are so similar, but the latter has shaken our confidence in our system of justice.

Major League Baseball, Congress and the media found the ultimate solution to the Steroid Era of our “National Pastime” – put an asterisk by it and forget how baseball became professional wrestling. I can barely remember how an entire sport and its heroes became just another bunch of cheaters chasing hollow glory and big bucks. Yeah, Roger Clemens is still being prosecuted for perjury, but who cares?

Our Nation is facing the same situation today with the Foreclosure Era of law, and for the sake of history and restoring faith in our system of justice, we must decide how we shall deal with this.

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