The Market Ticker – The Lost Opportunity, For Left, Right and Libertarian

There’s dumb.

There’s really, really dumb.

Then there are actions that appear to be so stupid that they must in fact be intentional — and when politicians commit them against their constituents, you have to question the voter’s intelligence.

By day, Lynnette Acosta, a 34-year-old mother of two, is an information-technology manager in Orlando, Florida. By night, she’s a sleuth for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, scouring for potential voters.

In central Florida, that means knocking on doors in Hispanic neighborhoods with foreclosure rates as high as 30 percent, where once-registered Democrats have been evicted, their homes now owned by the bank. Volunteers walk house-to-house to determine the number of empty homes per precinct, then look for contact information for voters who once lived in them.


As Obama confronts a housing crisis that he’s acknowledged underestimating, his campaign is facing a different kind of foreclosure problem on the streets of Florida and other battleground states, where evictions have left holes in its voter lists. Volunteers like Acosta are central to the campaign’s effort to populate its databases with current addresses and working phone numbers to get out the vote.

Obama wouldn’t have to “get out the vote” if he’d come out for jailing the banksters who caused this mess. The ones who lied originally, who put people (intentionally) into loans they knew they couldn’t afford simply to skim off fees, who filed over 100,000 fraudulent affidavits to try to steal homes (a “foreclosure” without proper documentation is a fraudclosure), who have intentionally re-ordered transactions to cause perfectly-good checks to incur overdraft fees, who manipulated LIBOR and more.

Indeed the list of frauds and felonies is so long that attempting to compile an actual list is a problem. The most-galling of the abuses are those that involved direct knowledge of regulators and officials such as Timmy Geithner who intentionally ignored or poo-pooed blatant and outrageously fraudulent behavior (like LIBOR) or worse, actually sued to prevent states from protecting their citizens (e.g. Bush’s OCC, most of whom are still there in the agency!

It’s not just Obama who is ignoring the obvious voter block that would create tectonic shifts in voter behavior at the polls were he to come out in favor of “lock ’em all up – starting right now“. Mittens, of course, could never be expected to do that, since he got his money in no small part through leverage and guess what — with something like “One Dollar of Capital” (Glass-Steagall minus the loopholes and plus criminal penalties for evasions like Greenspan committed) he wouldn’t have all that money.

For Governor Johnson, however, I am increasingly becoming convinced that either he doesn’t understand any of this, as ignoring monstrous voting blocks in this fashion simply makes no sense, or there’s somethign else going on — like a desire to remain in politics in some form or fashion if/when he loses, and, of course, that means not destroying his access to bankster “political contributions.”

You, I and everyone else — the common man and woman — are the real losers here.

But if you answer the door when people like Acosta knocks rather than slamming it in their face and demanding that they get off your property (and stay off!) then you have nobody to blame but yourself as the serial financial abuses committed against you continue.

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