Aaron Dahrooge, left, and his son Sims Dahrooge, 18, with the elder Dahrooge’s 1973 Dodge Challenger Wednesday in Worcester. (T&G Staff/PAUL KAPTEYN)

Aaron Dahrooge Missing Muscle Car Back Home in Worcester Amid Foreclosure

No explanation of how it was taken, but charges against NH men

WORCESTER — On Tuesday afternoon, a garage door rolled up at the Manchester Police Department in New Hampshire, and Sims Dahrooge laid eyes on a familiar rear spoiler and dual exhaust pipes bristling from the back of a vintage purple muscle car.

“That’s all I had to see, and I couldn’t help it. I just started to burst into tears,” he said yesterday, back in the city with the 1973 Dodge Challenger he restored with his father, Aaron Dahrooge.

As the Dahrooges towed the car back to Worcester on a trailer, on account of a blown transmission and rear tires scorched smooth from untold burnouts, two Manchester men were being held on Massachusetts warrants for receiving stolen property.

The classic American muscle car had been taken from the Burncoat home of Aaron Dahrooge’s deceased mother in March, a day after a Bank of America contractor had gone to the home to winterize and secure it.

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