Jamie Dimon Blames You For The Lousy Economy

Jamie Dimon has met the American economy’s enemy, and it is us.

The JPMorgan Chase CEO brayed his thoughts on the sluggish economy to a crowd of employees and probably-bewildered customers at a local Chase branch in Upper Arlington, Ohio, on Tuesday.

To sum up, Dimon’s message was: Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves for what you have done?

“It’s because of us. We scapegoat each other. We point fingers,” Dimon said, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Some economists say the economy is limping along because consumers are still too weighed down by debt. Some say it’s because policy makers haven’t done enough to help. Some say it’s because banks just refuse to lend. Dimon knows better.

The real reason the economy is doing poorly, according to Dimon, is because of our constant finger-pointing and asking of unhelpful questions, like: “Why aren’t banks holding more capital?” and “Why aren’t any of you bastards in jail?” and “Who took all of my money?”

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