Woman Convicted of Two Felony Counts of Offering to Record or Recording False Documents in a Foreclosure Case

A judge has sentenced a woman to a year in Stanislaus County Jail for filing false documents in an attempt to delay foreclosure on her parents’ home.

On June 5, Monica Whitten was convicted of two felony counts of offering to record or recording false documents, the district attorney’s office reported Friday.

Deputy District Attorney Brad Nix prosecuted the case. In 2009, Whitten filed the false documents related to her parents’ mortgage to delay a pending foreclosure, prosecutors said.

Whitten’s case was delayed when she left the country. She was arrested when she flew into Atlanta on her return to the United States.

Prosecutors said Whitten’s case is an example of a common real estate fraud scheme in which defendants pay money for forms they believe will slow down or stop a foreclosure sale and file them at the county clerk-recorder’s office.

The real estate industry is now familiar with these fraudulent documents and is on the lookout for them.

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Glad the caught this rouge individual. /sarcasm