Fraud Digest Editor Lynn Szymoniak endorses Lisa Epstein for Clerk of the Court in the upcoming Palm Beach County election.

Lisa is the only candidate who has demonstrated her willingness to expose fraud in the county land records. She has worked and will continue to work to expose fraudulent mortgage documents filed in the courts and in the county land records. Lisa will work to hold the banks, mortgage servicers and MERS accountable for their destruction of property chain-of-title. Lisa will work to prevent the banks from claiming a homestead exemption long after the qualifying residents move out. She would prevent Fannie and Freddie from wrongly claiming tax exemptions. Lisa will protect homeowners, renters facing a foreclosure-related eviction, potential homeowners and tax payers from the now well-documented bank abuses. In protecting these groups, she would also protect every citizen of Palm Beach County who will pay more for fewer services because of the bank abuses.

Only one candidate – Lisa Epstein – has sat through hundreds of foreclosure hearings and trials and has spoken out about the abuses by the foreclosure mills.

Only one candidate – Lisa Epstein – has combed through the court files to expose sewer service, robo-signing, forgeries and MERS fraud.

Only one candidate – Lisa Epstein – has worked tirelessly to protect Palm Beach County homeowners and citizens.

Only Lisa has the support and respect of this country’s most prominent and respected county recorders and court clerks because she has worked hard to earn that respect.