Bring Out The Fences And Concrete Barriers…The Fascists Are Coming To Town!

They’ve been warning for months now, but you really cannot be prepared for your city turning into a heavily fortified war-zone until you’re sitting in the middle of it. And driving to work, I realized, I’m sitting at Ground Zero for the Republican National Convention here in Tampa/St. Petersburg.

All weekend long, the workers have been buzzing up and down my street and all around my office. When I woke up this morning and drove to work, I got to see the beginning of all their effort….Concrete barriers and chain link fences everywhere. The feel and scene are quite disturbing…..So this is what this failed democracy has come to? The St. Pete Police Department building, located just a few steps from my office is being turned into a bunker, but the row after row, tens of miles of concrete barriers and fencing are what really catches your eye and makes my heart turn cold.

A few months ago I made a video mocking the reports of FEMA concentration camps, as I stood on the other side of these very same barriers that had been constructed for St. Petersburg’s Indy race. Now, just a few months later it’s clear to see just how those barriers can quickly be re purposed for to keep people in.

Rest here…