Studio City woman says fetid pool in foreclosed home gave her West Nile virus

STUDIO CITY — Debbie Davis first noticed the algae-green pool behind the foreclosed house next door last spring and knew it could spawn West Nile virus.

So for months the Studio City resident called code enforcement, public health and bank officials hoping to clean up the stagnant threat.

Instead, alleged squatters moved in. The swimming pool stayed dirty. And the Red Cross called last week to inform her the blood she had tried to donate was indeed contaminated — with the deadly West Nile virus.

“There it is, a sludge pit,” said Davis, peering over the fence at the pool-turned-pond in the 3600 block of Bellfield Way. “And the likely cause of my virus.

“The problem is, I’ve reported the pool to everybody.

They’re completely unresponsive.”

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