Bankers Told to Watch What They Say at Bar

In the boom years, conspicuous consumption in the bars was investment bankers’ natural release from long hours in the office. Now the office sits on their shoulders while they sup.

After a series of banking scandals, banks’ compliance teams are ramping up their checks on every aspect of office life, such that even social outings are under scrutiny, with training sessions on what you can and can’t say over a beer with colleagues.

“Everyone is more paranoid, that’s for sure,” said one department head at a European investment bank, where the trading floor is festooned with posters reminding staff to report any suspicious behavior.

At his bank and at least one other European firm, executives said they were being asked to take part in an increasing number of behavioral coaching sessions, including simulations of pub outings.

Rest from Reuters here…

Almost thought it was going to be an ONION article, but it’s not…

As one commenter put it.

Oh, I get it!. They tell these guys to keep doing all the illegal s*** they’ve been doing. Just make sure that no one else hears about it And, make sure there is no paper trail that can be traced back to them or the company.